NEWTECH4RUM – development of NEW TECHnologies FOR the management of extensively farmed small and large RUMinants

Funding Program: Operational Program Epirus 2014-2020

Topic: Support of groups of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) for Research & Technology Development activities in the fields of agri-food, health and biotechnology

Period: 5/12/2018 ­– 4/12/2021

Total Cost: 198.744€

Role in the Project: Project partner/ WP leader

Description: NewTech4Rum Project aims at the development of precision farming technologies and their implementation in the management of extensively farmed migrating small and large ruminants.


  1. Development of new technologies deploying sensory devices (such as accelerometers, thermometers, pedometers and global positioning systems-GPS) appropriate for use in livestock farming.
  2. Application optimization oriented to extensively farmed migrating small and large ruminants.
  3. Collection of animal activity data (running, grazing, eatin, etc).
  4. Export high level information from collected data to improve farming.
  5. Dissemination of the results to improve the sustainability of the system developed.


Researchers in charge of the project: