Emergency COmmunication Box

ECoBox is a novel way to communicate rescue instructions in cases of emergency, where there is no internet connectivity, be it wired or wireless, due to an unpredictable disaster, even if this happens combined with a complete power outage.


Box side

While the device is powered on but broadcasting not activated, the Admin Interface can be used to upload a new message to be broadcasted. Once broadcasting is activated, by pressing the corresponding button, the message is being broadcasted encoded and in chunks, in an endless loop, allowing the reception by every device having installed the corresponding app, while if a part gets lost, it can be retrieved in the next broadcasting cycle . There is also the option to trigger broadcasting remotely.

See a video of pilot deployment in Efesus

App side

Once the app is installed in the user’s phone, the user can launch it and immediately start receiving messages, if (s)he is near a broadcasting EcoBox. Once a (complete) message is received, the phone vibrates and notifies the user about the completion of the receiption. If a smart watch is available, the message can be read from the watch as well.

Download Android App


Ecobox can:

  • Operate without the need of power supply, for more than 24 hours
  • Broadcast emergency messages to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Safely broadcast encrypted (tamper proof) messages, without the need of any telecom infrastructure
  • Be used with any smartphone having the ability of communication over WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Be deployed, without the need of any installation or connection to a local infrastructure.

Researchers in charge of the project:

ECoBox idea has been conceived by researches of CONSeRT in the context of H2020 project STORM and has received a grant for patent submission by the Bodossaki Foundation.