CoNSeRT has been established in 2019 as a research laboratory of the University of West Attica, and being the evolution of the corresponding CoNSeRT research team, founded in 2016. Its main objectives include research and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate level, establishment of appropriate infrastructures, participation in research programs, provision of services and interconnecting with social, scientific and productive organizations on subjects related to the research focus of the Lab. It consists of faculty members and researchers with great expertise in computer networking and EU research projects. CoNSeRT has been active in research focusing on the design and implementation of applications and services, emphasizing the use of Machine & Deep Learning, Mobile and wearable computing, Affective Computing and Learning, Internet of Things and Cloud platforms and solutions. The researchers of CoNSeRT have successfully participated in research funding calls, as well as implementing the corresponding projects, accounting for 6 H2020 and Greek national projects since 2016, with a budget of more than 1,75M Euros.

“I was fortunate enough to become part of the CoNSeRT family as an intern during the summer of 2021. During my two month internship I worked on a project that uses data to detect movement patterns on wearable devices. Even though this experience was online, the team I worked with went out of their way to teach me about Greek history and culture, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you to the CoNSeRT team for making this the best experience possible and for being so welcoming.”

Mayalen Brock, Princeton University

“I ‘m please to have collaborated with CoNSeRT team consisting of so many talented, intelligent and innovative engineers. We have crossed paths around 2015 during my academic years and we continuously working together through my professional career on multiple projects on IoT, Home Automation, Software defined Networking and Security. The can-do attitude, out of the box thinking and team spirit is what makes CoNSeRT unique. I’m sure there are so much more to come! Keep it up!”

Evi Kechagia, Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

“I was lucky to participate in the CoNSeRT research team twice. I first joined as an Erasmus Intern in 2014.  During my 3-months practice period, I worked on a home automation project, where I developed an application to control home devices remotely. It was a great experience for me to test my app on Z-Wave devices and put the project into practice.  My second visit was during my Master’s studies in 2016. We had collaborated on a project about information dissemination and privacy issues on social networks and published a research article. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a diverse and experienced group at CoNSeRT, with colleagues coming from different backgrounds of expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and found the experience interesting and rewarding; thank you for being my family in Athens!”

Burcu Sayin, Ph.D. Candidate at University of Trento

“It all started with a phrase like this: “Let’s see how good you can swim in the open ocean!” Back in 2012 and for a period of 4 years I had the chance to complete as a member of the CoNSeRT team a variety of projects such as ICN implementation on NS-3, Home automation using ZNode, Kinnect Integration, eHealth-IoT Social Network platform and Treasure Hunter Game platform. I gain valuable experience in designing and implementing applications in .NET framework for cutting-edge innovative projects. If I had to choose the best skill that I got through the interaction with CoNSeRT team, this would be the sharpen of my “out of the box thinking” because our moto is that everything can happen! I am thankful for my time in the team and I would say: The best is yet to come!”

Athanasios Delikaris, .NET Developer, ComSys SA

“I had the pleasure to closely collaborate with the CoNSeRT team from my early academic days as a student, and throughout my professional career. We have collaborated on several research projects on network security and applications for the Internet of Things. CoNSeRT has attracted not only great engineers but people with diverse skills, deeply focused on the research of “out of the box” ideas. I always loved the raw energy the CoNSeRT team brought to our meetings and the grand scope of their proposals. It is a contagious way of thinking that always left you inspired to do your best work.”

Orestis Mavropoulos, PhD, Head of Engineering at CyberLens