CoNSeRT has been established in 2019 as a research laboratory of the University of West Attica, and being the evolution of the corresponding CONSERT research team, founded in 2016. Its main objectives include research and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate level, establishment of appropriate infrastructures, participation in research programs, provision of services and interconnecting with social, scientific and productive organizations on subjects related to the research focus of the Lab. It consists of faculty members and researchers with great expertise in computer networking and EU research projects. CoNSeRT has been active in research focusing on the design and implementation of applications and services, emphasizing the use of Machine & Deep Learning, Mobile and wearable computing, Affective Computing and Learning, Internet of Things and Cloud platforms and solutions. The researchers of CONSERT have successfully participated in research funding calls, as well as implementing the corresponding projects, accounting for 6 H2020 and Greek national projects since 2016, with a budget of more than 1,75M Euros.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Trusted Partners

We have partnered with researchers, practitioners, educators and professionals towards the creation of a network of trusted partners which help us pursue our goals / vision and transform our research into innovation through collaboration agreements.