Meet Our Team

Charalampos Z. Patrikakis
Charalampos Z. PatrikakisProfessor, Director CoNSeRT
Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE IT Professional Magazine
Smart Interconnected objects, systems & services
Stelios Mitilineos
Stelios MitilineosAssociate Professor
Propagation – Microwaves – Pattern Recognition & Optimization
Pericles Papadopoulos
Pericles PapadopoulosProfessor
Applied Mathematics – Partial Differential Equations with Applications in Physics – Nonlinear Dynamical Systems – Simulations and Systems Modeling – Elliptic and Parabolic Problems

Senior Researchers

Dr. Michalis Feidakis
Dr. Michalis FeidakisLab Teaching Staff / Senior Researcher
Affective Computing & Learning
Dr. Dimitrios G. Kogias
Dr. Dimitrios G. KogiasAdjunct Lecturer / Senior Researcher
IoT, Networks & Security, Blockchain
Dr. Panagiotis Kasnesis
Dr. Panagiotis Kasnesis Senior Researcher
Machine Intelligence, Deep Learning, Ontologies
Dr. Aristidis G. Konstantas
Dr. Aristidis G. Konstantas Senior Researcher
Precision Agricultural Technologies

Phd Candidates

Panagiotis Monachelis
Panagiotis MonachelisLab Teaching Staff
Web Developer – Big Data & Information Visualisation
Christos Chatzigeorgiou
Christos ChatzigeorgiouPhd Candidate
Mobile – Wearables apps
Enkeleda (Eda) Bocaj
Enkeleda (Eda) BocajPhd Candidate
Data visualization and analytics
Michael G. Xevgenis
Michael G. XevgenisPhd Candidate
Cloud and Networking
Christos Giannousis
Christos GiannousisPhd Candidate
IoT and mobile apps
Dimitrios Kalyvas
Dimitrios KalyvasPhd Candidate
Cyber-physical Systems
Evangelos Katsadouros
Evangelos KatsadourosPhd Candidate
Eleni Fotopoulou
Eleni FotopoulouPhd Candidate
Artificial Emotion Intelligence


Christina Charitou
Christina CharitouResearch associate (M.Sc)
Administration – Dissemination
Lazaros Toumanidis
Lazaros ToumanidisResearcher
Mobile/wearables apps
Maria Koukouli
Maria KoukouliResearch associate (M.Sc)
Administration – Dissemination
Vasileios Doulgerakis
Vasileios DoulgerakisResearcher
Embedded Systems and Electronics
Maria Polychronaki
Maria PolychronakiResearch associate
Nikos Kaftantzis
Nikos KaftantzisResearch associate
Cloud Computing
Lilian Gousiou
Lilian GousiouResearch associate (M.Sc)
Software Engineer


Helen C. (Nelly) Leligou
Helen C. (Nelly) LeligouAssistant Professor
Wireless Sensor Networks