Internship on cloud computing


The scope of this internship position is to provide a hands-on experience to the research assistant in the area of cloud computing. The research team CONSERT has implemented its own experimental cloud computing infrastructure based on the OpenStack software, in which the research assistant could deploy cloud computing services and explore the virtualization technology through an Infrastructure as a Service cloud.

During the internship the research assistant will be able to:

  • Gain cloud computing knowledge.

  • Work in a data center environment.

  • Getting familiar with the OpenStack cloud software.

  • Perform a survey of the datacenter’s architecture.

  • Explore the physical infrastructure of a data center (network components, servers, etc.)

  • Getting familiar with the role of cloud administrator via the management of the experimental infrastructure.

Tentative tasks include

  • Administration of a cloud infrastructure.

  • Deployment of VMs hosted in the cloud.

  • Perform a report regarding the status of the cloud infrastructure and possible points of improvement.


The duration of the internship is flexible. Suggested start date is September, 15, alternatively June, 1.