Quick Report App

Download the Quick Report app from App Store or Google Play.

Download the Quick Report app

from App Store or Google Play.


Quick Report is a mobile application paired with a Bluetooth button in the size of a coin, used for sending predefined messages to a target person. Messages are sent by clicking the button, with each type of click (single, double or long), corresponding to a different notification message.

Click  here to see all places on the world where the Quick Report buttons have been pressed.


Τhe application sends a predefined text (JSON message), either to a server, or to an email account. It has been developed for both iPhone and Android mobile phones. The application is using a paired button (current implementation comes with a flic button) and can be configured by the user.

  • Report user location (optional)

  • Hide the reporter’s identity – no information about the personal ID of the reporter is sent

  • In cases where identified reports are needed to be provided but the identity of the reporter needs to be concealed, CoNSeRT has developed a Privacy Protection Communication Gateway, through which a two stage, non-reversible process is used to unlink the ID of the reporter from the recipient of the report, so that anonymous reporting can be guaranteed.

Hardware/software requirements

The application and back office services of the smart button, require from the user the app installation and an initial configuration of the reports (i.e. how they should be triggered, what happens after, what information is sent, etc.).

In terms of hardware, any BT enabled clicker/button/ device can be integrated (as long as the corresponding libraries or description of operation are available). The current implementation is using the FLIC company button. A specific number of buttons have been produced for this reason and are available to all interested parties, following communication with CoNSeRT members.


The Quick Report has been deployed in the Horizon 2020 project TRILLION for incident quick reporting. The user can configure a message to be sent to the TRILLION platform, as well as the incident category (i.e. warning, urgency), depending on the button’s click. The solution has been successfully validated in pilots accomplished in London, by Victoria BID, in the context of TRILLION tests (2018).

A monitoring tool of selected smart buttons’ click location and time has been implemented (always with the consent of the user), able to monitor globally, all clicks. This can be used for cases where heat maps of clicked locations need to be provided, for visualization purposes.

  • Seamless, discreet and quick reporting, without the need to use a smartphone or smartwatch

  • Easy to use (both in terms of the device, but also of the app, which needs only to be installed and configured with no other input from the user after that).

  • Brevity in location sharing (simply clicking a button one or more times)

  • Transparency in exchanging messages since the button has the size of a coin

Researchers in charge of the project:

Download the Quick Report app from App Store or Google Play.