01/11/2022 –  31/03/2025

GENERA assists public authorities in transforming the energy context of the European regions in order to facilitate a rapid transition to a decarbonized and sustainable economy.


1.841.042,00 €

The GENERA concept is grounded on four principles:

      • Create an ecosystem including all energy transition actors to design and implement the energy roadmaps at the local level to achieve EU island energy transition roadmaps, plans and SECAPs, aiming at the definition of a replicability methodology and sustainability guidelines.

      • Provide ET actors with novel, valuable and common multi-criteria energy monitoring tools, tailored to the needs of the islands, to facilitate decision making and drive the sustainable energy transition leveraging on existing initiatives.

      • Provide efficient and effective large-scale capacity building programmes adapted to each actor’s requirements.

      • Involve local societies, permanent and seasonal inhabitants, and tourists through both a digital social platform and physical events with the aim of creating a new generation of energy-sensitive citizens that are part of the energy transition mission.