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19 07, 2022



5/12/2018 ­– 4/12/2021 - NewTech4Rum Project aims at the development of precision farming technologies and their implementation in the management of extensively farmed migrating small and large ruminants. Operational Program Epirus 2014-2020 - 198.744€ -  Development of new technologies deploying sensory devices (such as accelerometers, thermometers, pedometers and global positioning systems-GPS) appropriate for use in livestock farming. Application optimization oriented to extensively farmed migrating small and large ruminants. Collection of animal activity data (running, grazing, eatin, etc). Export high level information from collected data to improve farming. Dissemination of the results to improve the sustainability of the system developed. - -  Dr. Michalis Feidakis Vasileios Doulgerakis

19 07, 2022



01/07/2021 –  30/06/2024 - first RESponder-Centered support toolkit for operating in adverse and infrastrUcture-less EnviRonments RESCUER aims to design and develop a First-Responder-centered technology toolkit that will empower the next-generation of First Responders (FR) by enhancing their operational capacity and safety, specifically in adverse conditions, both environmental and infrastructure-wise. Horizon (H2020-EU.3.7 / H2020-EU.3.7.5) - € 6.984.803,75 - RESCUER will deliver a toolkit offering sense augmentation through enhanced sensorial input precise and infrastructure-less self-positioning cognitive support and multi-sense AR interfaces, improving their focus and capability to utilise information robust ad-hoc intra-team communications for both verbal and data exchanges, all delivered over enhanced power and communication autonomy features - (Project) (Cordis) -  Dr. Michalis Feidakis

14 07, 2022



06/04/2022 - 31/12/2022 - Sleep apnea detection and characterization with radar and machine learning - EIT Health RIS - 75.000,00 € - Develop a proof of concept device for radar detection of sleep apnea at home Develop a framework for processing radar signals that will be used for apnea detection Develop a balanced dataset of healthy and apnea suffering individuals radar recordings Develop machine learning models for detecting and characterizing sleep apnea at home - --- - Dr. Stelios A. Mitilineos Dr. Charalampos Patrikakis Dr. Dimitrios Uzunidis Dr. Christos Ferles Dr. Panagiotis Kasnesis

14 04, 2022

APNIWAVE project accepted for funding by the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme


In CONSERT, we are both happy and proud to announce that the project APNIWAVE submitted by Associate Professor S. A. Mitilineos, is approved for funding by the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme. The research team of the APNIWAVE project, led by Prof. Mitilineos for the UNIWA part, aims at developing a device that will tackle the problem of efficient Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS) screening at home, in a convenient, non-invasive and efficient manner. The APNIWAVE device is lightweight and of very low volume, but packed with a resourceful inventory of features including a (FCC licensed) microwave radar sensor for collecting information on the breathing pattern during sleeping of the end user (patient) at the comfort of her/his home, as well as a state-of-the-art Machine Learning model for evaluating respiratory patterns and detecting apnea syndromes overnight. Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS) is a widespread non-communicable disease with an estimated 2% of female and 4% of male population suffering from it. The consequent costs on induced diseases like cardiovascular disease, increased rates of car accidents due to the related sleepiness, and many other, are very heavy. Doctors regularly come face-to-face with the hard truth of lack of resources for efficiently evaluating apnea and hypopnea in candidate patients due to the fact that there exist no efficient techniques alternative to polysomnography for OSAHS screening and diagnosis. With polysomnography being an intense resource and cost-consuming overnight procedure that is uncomfortable both for patients and doctors, the latter urgently need an efficient way of screening patients among healthy individuals in order to target the disease of OSAHS and mitigate its social and economic impact. APNIWAVE targets in raising awareness levels among citizens and doctors regarding the existence of OSAHS and detecting this disease early enough so as to guarantee a more efficient intervention.

APNIWAVE project accepted for funding by the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme2022-04-14T13:26:26+03:00
13 04, 2022

Προκήρυξη εκλογών για τη θέση του Διευθυντή του εργαστηρίου CoNSeRT


Προκήρυξη εκλογών για τη θέση του Διευθυντή του εργαστηρίου "Δικτύων και Υπηρεσιών Υπολογιστών" (CONSERT). Δείτε την προκήρυξη εδώ.

Προκήρυξη εκλογών για τη θέση του Διευθυντή του εργαστηρίου CoNSeRT2024-04-23T13:13:54+03:00
8 04, 2022

FASTER and RESCUER projects presented during the 20th anniversary of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism


Year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which in the words of the Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič, “is a concrete example of EU solidarity in action”. Speaking during the event for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Commandant Wilfried Stéfic, head of the French National Fire Officers Academy (ENSOSP) Research Projects Laboratory, presented two flagship projects funded under the technologies for First Responders call in which ENSOSP and CoNSeRT are partners: FASTER and RESCUER. Both projects research on the use of new technologies in the supporting First Responders in action, offering tools and services that increase their operational capacity and effectiveness and improve their safety. Read the article here

FASTER and RESCUER projects presented during the 20th anniversary of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism2023-10-28T11:36:57+03:00
28 03, 2022

Prof. Patrikakis Recognized as Charter Member of IEEE Distinguished Contributors


UNIWA's Professor Charalampos Patrikakis (dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) was recognized as a charter member of the IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor Program. The program was introduced in 2021 to showcase the immense combined technical expertise and innovation power of its membership while recognizing volunteer commitment.

Prof. Patrikakis Recognized as Charter Member of IEEE Distinguished Contributors2022-03-28T13:03:42+03:00
30 11, 2021



The CONSERT Lab (University of West Attica) and the iMotions company organise the webinar “Affective Computing: The iMotions Platform leading human behaviour research software”. Thursday, Dec 2, 4pm CET (5pm GR time), Google Meet: Agenda: Affective Computing intro/Ch. Patrikakis-M. Feidakis CONSERT Lab The iMotions platform: Leading Human Behavior research software in eye-tracking, automated Facial Expressions Analysis, Electrodermal Activity, Electrocardiography (ECG), among others! / Luisina Gregoret1 & Michael Bilde2, iMotions Discussion   1Luisina Gregoret, Product specialist at iMotions A/S, Biomed. engineer & PhD Fellow on Neuroscience 2Michael Bilde, Director of Client solutions at iMotions A/S, International Sales & Marketing More info:,

IMOTIONS – WEBINAR2021-12-26T15:40:53+03:00
10 06, 2021

Συνεκπαίδευση – Συμπερίληψη και αλλαγή θεσμικού πλαισίου για την αναπηρία στην Ελλάδα


Ο ΕΥΡΩΠΑΪΚΟΣ ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΤΙΚΟΣ ΟΜΙΛΟΣ ΕΡΕΥΝΑΣ & ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗΣ ΠΡΟΝΟΙΑΣ THE EUROPEAN INCLUSION με τα Πρότυπα Ερευνητικά Πιλοτικά του ΚΔΑΠ ΕΦΥΡΑΙΟΣ ΑΘΛΟΣ – ΑΜΠΑΡΙΖΑ ΛΟΥΤΡΑΚΙΟΥ το Σάββατο 12 Ιουνίου 2021 από 11.00 – 14.00 ώρα Ελλάδας, στο Αποστολοπούλειο Πνευματικό Κέντρο Τρίπολης διοργανώνει Συνέδριο στο οποίο είναι προσκεκλημένοι όλοι οι πολίτες της Πελοποννήσου σε δια ζώσης παρακολούθηση κατόπιν προσυνεννόησης και σε live streaming για την υπόλοιπη Ελλάδα, Κύπρο, Ευρωπαϊκή Τουρκία και Βαλκάνια. Πληροφοριες

Συνεκπαίδευση – Συμπερίληψη και αλλαγή θεσμικού πλαισίου για την αναπηρία στην Ελλάδα2021-06-10T18:37:35+03:00
2 06, 2021

EcoFest 2021 στις 4, 5 και 6 Ιουνίου στην Πλατεία Νερού


Το EcoFest μέσα από πολλές, ξεχωριστές και διασκεδαστικές δράσεις, φιλοδοξεί να δείξει σε μικρούς και μεγάλους πώς μπορούν να «ζήσουν τη ζωή τους στο πράσινο», σε κάθε στιγμή της καθημερινότητας τους. Ενημερωθείτε για τους 17 στόχους της βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης μέσα από το πιο διασκεδαστικό Digital Quiz Game των ΕΛΠΕ. Γίνε φίλος με το ΝΑΟ, το πιο έξυπνο ρομποτάκι του Πανεπιστημίου Δυτικής Αττικής, που ξέρει τα πάντα για το περιβάλλον! Δείτε την κεντρική σελίδα του EcoFest 2021 εδώ. Δείτε το πρόγραμμα των δράσεων εδώ.

EcoFest 2021 στις 4, 5 και 6 Ιουνίου στην Πλατεία Νερού2021-06-02T11:45:21+03:00
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