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25 02, 2021

Use of Humanoid NAO for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


A research study has been accomplished on the use of the social robot NAO (v6) towards the development of symbolic play and imitation skills, in students with ASD, by the COmputer Networks & SErvices Research Laboratory (CONSERT,  of the University of West Attica, and the Piraeus Special Primary School for Children with Autism. The research has been implemented by the student Constantina Marathaki during her MSc Dissertation (Master Course in “Information and Communication Technologies for Education,, supervised by Dr. Michael Feidakis and Prof. Ch. Z. Patrikakis, also supported by the school Principal Dr. Adamantia Psallidakou. The research main objective was to investigate the impact of a humanoid social robot (NAO, 6th generation, SoftBank Robotics) on the development of symbolic game and imitation skills in low functional students with ASD, as well as their enrichment of perceptual vocabulary. Five (5) school students were requested to interact with NAO during six (6) educational sessions that took part in real education settings in January 2021. Through different roles, NAO invited young students to play together different games (wear imaginary clothes, become a little chef, pretend a farm or a jungle animal, et al.). The children played, danced, laughed, enjoying their time. The research initial results show that children with ASD got involved in a functional play and imitated some behaviours presented by NAO. After the interventions, students showed improved imitation skills and engagement. Safer conclusion will come up from further evaluation of the results that is currently in progress. NAO robot has been temporary granted to CONSERT lab by the company Mobile Technology ( Click here to download the press release  file.

Use of Humanoid NAO for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)2021-02-25T10:55:17+03:00
10 02, 2021

Can we trust a stranger? So many posts, who can we trust? How to trust a stranger;


EUNOMIA’s team latest publication on Cutter Business Technology Journal is trying to provide answers on how technology can be used to support our research for trustful information. As the online world of information enlarges, there is also an increasing demand on trustworthiness of user-generated, online-shared content. While a significant portion of social media posts have proven to be a great source of knowledge and news, other posts have purposefully spread false information. The article includes a presentation of contemporary decentralized environments that aim at exploiting the potential of end users’ representation as contributors to the credibility-checking process. What technologies would successfully support the implementation of a human-centric solution, to assist social media users in gauging the trustworthiness of information, in a complementary way to the usual practice of “information hygiene” guidelines? Read more in the full article here:

Can we trust a stranger? So many posts, who can we trust? How to trust a stranger;2021-12-23T20:09:56+03:00
19 01, 2021

New MSc program in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


Master of Science Program on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning The program enrolls the first students in the Spring Semester of 20-21. Instruction is in Greek with class notes and assignments in English and an option for lectures in English, for foreign students. Assessment is project-based with the use of tools provided by major stakeholders in the field of AI (Google AI, NVIDIA, Facebook AI), while selected courses are based on material provided by NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute For more information and expression of interest visit The program is co-organized by the Depts of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Industrial Design and Production Engineering of the University of West Attica.

New MSc program in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning2021-01-19T16:34:50+03:00
25 11, 2020

2020 Researcher’s night


2020 Researcher's night Stay tuned…. Only 2 days for Researcher’s Night at NTUA. CONSERT will participate with presentations of equipment developed for FASTER project and DESMOS project . Presentations on YouTube channel

2020 Researcher’s night2020-11-25T15:16:01+03:00
24 11, 2020

Fighting Misinformation on Social Media


Fighting Misinformation on Social Media IEEE Global Communication Conference 8-10 December 2020 // In-person (Taipei, Taiwan) 7-11 December 2020 // Virtual In this Forum, a discussion on the ways misinformation on social networks can be battled will be hosted, featuring presentations by academics and industry representatives, and an open discussion. download program here

Fighting Misinformation on Social Media2020-11-27T13:35:52+03:00
15 11, 2020

Athens calls Athens


Athens calls Athens 1st Interdisciplinary Conference “MAN AND HIS CREATIONS” Lecture/D2S2S3: Patrikakis C. & Feidakis M. – Abstract: “Serving the Needs of Cultural Heritage Protection through “Culture Ware”. see the lecture here –>

Athens calls Athens2020-11-27T13:38:41+03:00
15 10, 2020

Call for Papers: Special Issue on ICT in Education


Recognizing the importance of the corresponding potential benefits to teaching and learning, this special issue of IT Professional is seeking submissions on the way information and communication technologies (ICT) can be used for supporting the next generation of education, and how education on emerging ICT can be offered in a connected, multicultural, and multi-dimensional world. Submission deadline: November 9, 2020 click here for info

Call for Papers: Special Issue on ICT in Education2021-12-23T20:36:03+03:00
6 07, 2020

DESMOS – First pilot period


Start of the first pilot period of DESMOS services in the city of Trikala and meeting of the working group. The meeting of the working group of DESMOS project was completed, as well as the last tests of the services that the project will implement before the official start of the pilot. more--->

DESMOS – First pilot period2021-12-26T15:35:20+03:00
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