Cloud Computing applications

The on-premises cloud infrastructure of CONSERT, as well as the extensions in Okeanos have been used in order to
develop and make available applications and solutions in the context of the academic and research activities of the
research lab, exploiting the potential of the Openstack based IaaS solution.

Use cases and applications

  • VLABs (Virtual Labs): Supporting student labs through the creation of custom VMs. The creation of the labs allows students to access powerful VMs and perform demanding actions via thin clients with the minimum hardware.

  • STORM project: Implement a robust OpenStack production infrastructure for the protection of Cultural Heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management (H2020 project STORM). STORM project exploited the use of several VMs, required by several partners to develop platforms and applications in order to collect and process information gathered by sensors. The cloud infrastructure provided enormous amount of resources and offered high availability characteristics, also safeguarding information of significant importance.

  • EVE-NG: Emulated Virtual Environment- Next Generation (EVE-NG) is a graphical network emulator built upon OKEANOS cloud, supporting both commercial and open-source router images. It is a virtual network emulator developed for testing and developing real life scenarios of network topologies, before apply them in real topologies.


  • Creation of Virtual Machines (VMs) to provide access to VCPUs, RAM and Storage over Virtual Networking and Public IPs.

  • Kubernetes platform used for the creation and testing of containerized services.

  • Off-premises cloud resources over the OKEANOS infrastructure to support several projects for research and academic activities, involving a number of junior researchers and students.

Reference material

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