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Funding Program: Own funding through CONSERT lab resourcesConsedre logo
(internal CoNSeRT project)

Topic: CONSERT Education Repository

Period: 01/02/2021 –  31/01/2022

Total Cost: 3.071 €

Description: Τhe purpose of this project is the design and implementation of a Repository for Open Education Resources (OERs) and Recommender System, regarding the topics:

  1. Computer Science Unplugged (CSU)
  2. Humanoids

CONSEDRE is the first repository for OERs in Greek Language for the above topics, constituting a considerable ecosystem for knowledge and resources exchange.


  1. Establish and customise a Repository based on DSpace
  2. Develop an interface to collect OERs for CSU and Humanoids in Greek
  3. Analyse and organise data to build a recommender engine
  4. Evaluate in real education settings

Researchers in charge: