Funding Program: Own funding through CONSERT lab resourcesConsedre logo
(internal CoNSeRT project)

Topic: CONSERT Education Repository

Period: 01/02/2021 –  31/01/2022

Total Cost: 3.071 €

Description: Τhe objective of this project is the design and implementation of a Repository and Recommender System for Education Open Resources (OER) regarding the topics of (a) Computer Science Unplugged (CSU) and (b) Humanoids. CONSEDRE is the first repository for OERs in Greek Language for the aforementioned topics, constituting a considerable cluster for knowledge and resources exchange.


  1. Establish and customise a Repository based on DSpace
  2. Develop an interface to collect OERs for CSU and Humanoids in Greek
  3. Analyse and organise data to build a recommender engine
  4. Evaluate in real education settings

Researchers in charge: