ZB 109, Building Z (in Greek → Ktirio Zeta)

Thivon 250 & Petrou Ralli street,

Egaleo, GR 12244


Coordinates: 37.977191, 23.673208


  • Once you reach the premises of University of West Attica-UNIWA (ex. TEI Piraeus) you should look for Building Z, section B, (ex. Electronic Engineering Dept.) -in Greek it is pronounced “Ktirio Z”, which means Building Z.
  • Consert is located at the 1st floor of the building. Room number is ZB109.


You get off at Metro Station Egaleo (pronounced «Stathmos Egaleo» in Greek)

  1.  walk down Thivon Street to number 250, which will take you about 20 minutes on foot, or
  2. use one of following options that follows (it will take you about 10~15 mins):
    • 820 Keratsini – Metro Egaleo («820 Κερατσίνι-Μετρό Αιγάλεω » in Greek),
    • 852 Neapoli – Metro Egaleo («852 Νεάπολη-Μετρό Αιγάλεω » in Greek),
    • 829  TEI Peiraia – Metro Egaleo – TEI Athinas («829 ΤΕΙ Πειραιά-Μετρό Αιγάλεω-ΤΕΙ Αθήνας » in Greek)


There are not many hotels near UNIWA. As a general recommendation:

  1. Book a hotel near metro line 3, and near the center, (at stations Megaro Mousikis, Sindagma1 , Evangelismos, Monastiraki there are plenty of options) which will allow you to be in Egaleo station in less than 30 minutes maximum if you select one of the previous stations. From there you can take a bus or even a taxi (the latter will take less than10 mins to reach our premises and if you walk up to Thivon street on the direction towards Piraeus, about 200 meters from the station, it will take you about 5 minutes).
  2. Book a hotel near UNIWA (near Karaiskaki square or Pireos street, which will be about 15 minutes by Taxi from UNIWA). ​A good (quite inexpensive) choice is Stanley hotel, which is close by taxi. ​

You can book any hotel at the center (Sindagma, Monastiraki, Acropoli) which are all very near to the historical center where there a lot of options regarding restaurants, bars and cafes. You will find a lot of hotels there and since the competition is high, you may get a good value for your money, while the historical center is within walking distance (less than 5 minutes).

Evangelismos station is a bit further away (20-30 minutes walk to the historical center, but only a few minutes away from the previous metro stations). From Evangelismos metro station there is a direct metro line (line 3), which takes you in about 30 mins to Egaleo metro station and can take you also directly to the airport (about 40 mins trip, with the trains to the airport leaving every 30 mins, while you should calculate about 10 mins walking to the terminals). Near Evangelismos, there are 4 and 5 star hotels. For example, Best Western Ilissia (next to the Hilton) is a good choice. If you can afford (or your organization has a special arrangement), hotels like the Hilton, Crown Plaza and Divani Caravel are located within a distance of 500 meters from Evangelismos station.

1 Though Sintagma is a hub (buses to the airport also leave from here), and is on the direct (line 3 to Egaleo), you should be careful, as some times the station is closed.