Privacy Protection Communication Gateway In today’s world where internet is ubiquitous, protecting user’s privacy is a crucial task, thus a “Privacy Protection Communication Gateway - PPCG” solution has been designed to preserve user’s privacy and of course protect the exchanged information from attacks. The solution is based on the deployment of two servers, implementing a two-step privacy protection process. Furthermore, PPCG also aims at preserving the confidentiality of information exchange between the end platform and the users, as well as protecting the communication against attacks. The first server is the Privacy Protection Proxy Server (PPPS) having as a main task the protection of the user’s identity through the transformation of user’s ID into a non-reversible identifier, that will be used during the communication between the user and the end platform. The second is the Control Centre Server (CCS), having as a main task, to provide a secure end-to-end encryption for the information exchange. The results of the autonomous operation and management of the two servers, if combined in a serial mode (user > PPPS > CCS), are able to guarantee the confidential and certified exchange of information between a user and the end platform. Development status: Beta testing / Release candidate version Researchers in charge of the project: Christos Chatzigeorgiou PPCG is a result of research performed under the Horizon 2020 project TRILLION.