25 01, 2023

Nikolaos Voudouris


Nikolaos Voudouris Researcher . Brief CV Voudouris Nikolaos is currently a PhD candidate on Ethical and legal applications of Artificial Intelligence, holds a Master’s in Law in Public International Law (LLM) from the faculty of Law of University of Amsterdam (UvA), has finished a BSc in International European and Regional Studies from Panteion University and a Pre-Master’s in Diplomacy from the University of Oxford (UK) and has attended high level courses in the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and completed high level certification courses from the University of Lund. He was a junior researcher in the European Center of Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from 2015 to 2018. His areas of interest include the ethical application of Artificial Intelligence, ensuring the protection of fundamental rights and the legal and humanitarian implications of technology.

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7 04, 2021

Grigorios Nikolaou


Dr. Grigorios Nikolaou Lecturer Department of Industrial Design and Production Engineering Location: UNIWA, Building Z, Office ZA206 Telephone:  : (+30)210-538.1314 Email: nikolaou[at] . Brief CV Grigoris Nikolaou is Lecturer at the University of West Attica, Department of Industrial Design and Production Engineering (formerly Department of Automation). He received his M.Sc. in Control Systems from the Department of Automatic Control of the University of Sheffield in 1998 and his PhD from the same Department in 2002. He has worked for more than 9 years as a Control Systems engineer on Industrial and Building Automation projects. He participated as Research Associate, in a number of European, British and Greek National research programs.

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30 11, 2020



Georgios Kserogiannakis PhD Candidate .          Brief CV Georgios xerogiannakis received a degree in electronic engineering from the Technological Educational Institution of Athens. He holds a master’s degree in control engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark. He has worked as a technical support engineer in a telecommunication company and as a process control engineer for power plants in a technical company as well.  Currently, he is a member of the lab teaching staff and PhD student at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of University of West Attica. His research topic focuses on modelling and simulation of dynamic systems, flight dynamic, control and fault detection for autonomous systems.

17 11, 2020



George Kormpos PhD Candidate .   Brief CV George Kormpos received his Computer Engineering Bachelor’s degree from the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus in 2014 and he holds a master’s degree from University of Piraeus in “Digital Systems Security”. Currently he is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the University of West Attica and the subject of his PhD is Social Engineering. Also, he is a Security Engineer working in the Financial Sector and he is a member of a Purple Team.

15 11, 2020



Dimitris Uzunidis Post Doctoral Researcher .   Brief CV Dimitris Uzunidis received his B.Sc. degree in Telecommunications and Ph.D. degree in Optical Networking from the University of Peloponnese in 2009 and 2016, respectively. He is currently working as a PostDoc researcher in the CoNSeRT laboratory of University of West Attica, Athens, Greece, in the field of deep learning. He works also as an adjunct lecturer of University of West Attica and ASPETE. He has 17 published works in international conferences and journals of which 13 as a first author. His research interests include: analytical modelling of optical networks, numerical simulation and network optimization, deep learning algorithms as well as application of convolutional neural networks in human and animal activity recognition.

31 07, 2020



Pericles Papadopoulos Professor Electrical & Electronics Engineering Location: UNIWA, Building B, Office B135 Email: ppapadop[at] .   Brief CV Dr. Pericles Papadopoulos is a Professor (from 2019), in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, University of West Attica. He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics (2002) from the School of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA): << Invariant Sets and Attractors- The sine-Gordon Equation >>, as well as a PhD in Applied Mathematics (2003) from the same school, entitled: <<Asymptotic Behavior and Stability Results for Quasi Linear Wave Equations of Kirchhoff Type on R^N >>. He worked as a post-doc researcher in Applied  Mathematics under the financial support of the program PYTHAGORAS I.  During the years 1999-2010 he worked in several Greek Universities and Technological Education Institutes. From June 2010 until February 2014 he was an Assistant Professor in the General Department of Mathematics, (Division Mathematics) and in the Department of Electronics Engineering, in Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. From March 2015 until 2019 he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics  Engineering in University of West Attica. His recent research interests include: Applied Mathematics, Partial (Nonlinear) Differential Equations with Applications in Physics (eg Kirchhoff Equations), Nonlinear Dynamic Systems, Elliptic and Parabolic Problems, Simulations and Systems Modeling. He has published several publications (> 35) in international journals with high impact factor, as well as presentations of scientific papers (20) in international and Greek conferences. He has been a member of undergraduate committees, as well as a reviewer of scientific papers in various international journals.

5 01, 2020



Lilian Gousiou Research associate (M.Sc) . Brief CV Lilian Gousiou is an Associate Researher at the Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering department of University of West Attica and Member of CoNSeRT. She received her Electronics Engineering degree from the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences in 2015 and her Master of Science in Internetworked Electronic Systems from University of West Attica in 2017. She is working as a Software Engineer and Research Associate of CoNSeRT team of UniWA with main focus on web development.

14 11, 2019



Helen C. (Nelly) Leligou Assistant Professor Brief CV NellyLeligou is currently (from Oct. 2017) assistant professor at University of West Attica. From 2007-2017, she acted as associate professor at Technological Educational Institute of StereaEllada. Her research interests lie mainly in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies including a) routing protocols and trust management in Wireless Sensor Networks, b) control plane technologies in broadband networks including HFC, PON, WDM metro and core networks and c) industrial, embedded and network system design and development. Currently she is working on block-chain technologies, IoT enabled systems and gamification for various application sectors including social innovation, education and participatory approaches. She is the scientific coordinator of the H2020-ASSET project. Her research results have been published in more than 100 scientific journals and conferences. She has participated in several EU-funded ACTS, IST, ICT and H2020 research projects in the above areas. She also acts as evaluator for H2020 proposals. She is also a visiting professor at the Hellenic Open University. 

27 10, 2019



Maria Koukouli Research associate (M.Sc) . Brief CV Maria Koukouli holds a Physics BSc (University of Patras) and an MSc in “Environmental Sciences” (University of Patras). She has been working since 2005 in the technical implementation of European projects and as Financial Project Manager. Her academic and professional interests are in the areas of environment, agricultural and regional development, Geographical Information Systems and Environmental Informatics and consulting. She has participated as co-author in several publications in national and international journals and conferences.

27 10, 2019



Christina Charitou Research associate (M.Sc) . Brief CV Christina Charitou is an Associate Researher at the Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of University of West Attica and Member of CONSERT. She received her Electronics Engineering degree from the Technological Education Institute of Piraeus in 2010 and her Master of Science in Networking and Data Communications in 2014. She has teaching experience and experience as a researcher from several research projects.

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