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Contact us by sending us an email to: University Campus II (Ancient Olive Grove) Thivon 250 & Petrou Ralli street, Egaleo, GR 12241 ZB 109, Building Z (in Greek → Ktirio Zeta) Coordinates: 37.977191, 23.673208 (+30)210.538.1112, (+30)210.538.1637 Directions Once you reach the premises of University of West Attica-UNIWA (ex. TEI Piraeus) you should look for Building Z, section B, (ex. Electronics Engineering Dept.). In Greek it is pronounced “Ktirio Zeta”, which means Building Z. CoNSeRT labs are is located at the 1st floor of the building. Room number is ZB109 and the neighboring ZB107, with the windows seen from the SW side of the building, where there is also an entrance). Transportation You get off at Metro Station Egaleo (pronounced «Stathmos Egaleo» in Greek). This is served by Metro Line 3, towards towards Aghia Marina and the line serves also the Athens airport. Then you take either bus no 703 (click here for routes and schedules) or bus no 845 (click here for routes and schedules) Direction PEIRAIAS and get off at the PAN/MIO DYTIKIS ATTIKIS-ARCHAIOY ELEONA. Your bus stop will be near the parking lot of JUMBO store so you can ask people to inform you when you are approaching the JUMBO store (it is huge and everyone knows it). Once you get off at the stop, at the opposite side of the road, you will see the entrance of the University campus (Address is Thivon 250 street). In the following link, you can see a 360 video (move around the screen to see the front) that starts from the entrance of the University in Thivon street and up to min 1 takes you to our building. Also from 2:37 (see the electric bus parked to the left of the car where the 360 camera is mount) up to 3:44 it takes you to our building passing from both entrances: 360 video link Also, in the following video (drone video link), - The first 15 seconds show our building, where the windows on the first floor all belong to rooms of the lab (you should go to ZB109 room). - At 1:00 the white building on the right is the second guard post that you will see if you come by metro and from the JUMBO store. There is a long 100 meters road from the first guard post to the second. - At 1:54, the same building is on your left, and on your right, with the solar panels on top, the docking point for the electric bus of the University. - From 3:03 to 3:06 is the other entrance of our building, and you will probably see this first if you come by metro and the JUMBO store direction. Accommodation There are not many hotels near UNIWA. As a general recommendation: 1. Book a hotel near metro line 3, and near the center, (at stations [...]