WAMPA WEARABLE FOR ACTIVITY MONITORING OF PRODUCTIVE ANIMALS A neck-mounted wireless livestock monitoring device to monitor feeding and rumination patterns, animal welfare and managing the status of the animal farm. How it works The device is equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a GPS receiver, to be able to record its location and activity at any given time. Captured data are transmitted wirelessly from the collar via a base station to a Central Node on the farm. The communication between the device and the Edge Device is effected through two separate channels.  The first one offers a small communication range with high data rates while being energy intensive, in contrast to the second one,  which offers a wider range with low power consumption and low data rates. The collar device is mostly communicating with the Edge Device through the second channel, sending samples of its geolocation in high intervals of 6 to 30 seconds (or more), while all detailed activity information is stored locally to the device.  Once the device is within range of the first communication method, a bulk transfer of the latest data collected is initiated. COMMUNICATION XBee868: Covering a wide range while offering minimal power consumption contributes to a longer battery life. Wi-Fi: Complete and detailed activity logs are transferred via Wi-Fi daily, when the animals are inside the barn. W.A.M.P.A Collars log behavioral information and inform the Central Node about GPS location and emergencies. Researchers in charge of the project: Vasileios Doulgerakis